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Find your ancestors through your bloodline, study your birth chart it’s crucial people do. You may not even be in the right place for you or you may be taking up someone else’s marriage partner or their divine counterpart by staying in a relationship not meant for you. God made Eve for Adam why wouldn’t he make a counterpart for you? Find who you are to be with stop taking up space with those you know you shouldn’t be with because of selfish, greed, codependency, alcohol, sex, possession, lust or drugs or because you just don’t want to be alone. It took me all my life to gather all the knowledge I have so far and I am not even close to done yet. People should trace the actual science of creation really dive deep deep deep into the stories, the characters of the Bible, who were they? The who’s, the whys. Follow the stars and constellations they hold the secrets of the Gods. The myths they say of the first people, giants roamed the earth God did say. Yet today they say well they are only myths….hmm seems a little bit of a miss from what the bible says, he even talks of supernatural things, and spirits & heavenly beings, yet in real life in society people deny their very existence. To believe in these things your considered crazy. So I guess the wind isn’t real because you can’t see it? Well what do you feel on your face that magically sweeps the hair off your face? So I would say that every person sitting in a church has a lot to learn today about who are they and what they have done wrong throughout time, where they came from because technically if you look at it. You sit in a church every Sunday worshiping an idol. Maybe try tracing the earth and its histories, study the land, tunnels, lines, earthquakes, movements and history even the mythologys, oceans, streams, rivers, and electricity, people judge things they really know nothing about, they deny theirselves their very existence, they deny themselves the truth of it all, they deny their whole self and all of the things that make you, well you, the vikings and cavemen who walked with the giants of this earth, they were the first and they will be the last. People only know the surface of it and the illusion of it. “Do not worship idols” God says. Well what are you doing every morning on Sunday? Sitting in a church praying to a painting on the wall, lighting candles, giving your money to the church instead of put in the earth, how about give it to the struggling addict on the corner who needs food or clothes or is just struggling period, or help someone with a safe place to sleep for the week or the pet that is wondering the streets and hungry yes the thought counts, but you can do that at home on the ground with all that surrounds. As worship it’s supposed to be between just you and the man. O yes yes I’m sure I’ll hear people say where there are three or more gathered. Is that not considered an invoking of power? Is that not a form of magic? Okay so invite a few soul friends to gather.  Doesn’t require all that glitter and glam. Jesus did overturn the tables in the market place. Maybe just sit and think. People sit listening to same past stories over and over trying to find out where people went wrong and singing to a man who died way before we came along while we put our coins in a bowl and sing along. Worshipping an idol on the wall and singing songs. People deny the very stories they sit and worship because they don’t even really understand it. People just keep hoping to find it in a church pew singing along to a picture on the wall. Yet I worship idols they say. Ummm yea okay…Vikings they say o no the runic writing it’s so bad it’s witchcraft, Yet the ones who understand the ancient ways, the ones who it calls, the tarot readers and spiritual people, the artist, the ones who see the world through art, how each symbol, star, astrological sign, planet transit, the meanings and understanding of such things, the people that follow the planets and the language of the earth how we connect with it we are deemed wrong. Why? Because they want to control our minds. God didn’t say don’t do this. This was added not by his hand but man’s. “O woe is me my horrible sins.” What if someone told you sin didn’t exist only human morals did, the choice between right and wrong. Free will the entire time.  Had to have something to base off it so sin was concocted. What if I told you that the earth flooded not because of something we did wrong but thought that we had angered God to somehow deserve it. The disconnect between brain and intuition, when you have no choice but to face the impossible, what you thought didn’t exist all along, all you can do is follow the path of your spirits song just to live through it and start over again. Did people ever stop to think he made the earth a certain way to start again at a certain time and place. I mean this has been scientifically proven there has been two floods not just one. Did people ever stop to think that voice who told Noah to build the ark was his intuition which is our interconnection to God. Did people ever stop to think their close mindedness are the blocks they create. Did people ever stop to think well Adam was the son of God but as far as I’ve ever seen Adam has never been worshipped on a pedestal on Sunday mornings. Just pointing out a fact. Don’t hear anybody say or sing o praise Adam blazy blazy, Jesus was the same being only reborn in history through such a thing called reincarnation. O yes it’s a very real thing. The warning bells that say whoa whoa hold on something isnt right, they knew the weather and the lands. Do you even know the real story behind the illusion and the mask? Of what we have been taught was bad, no no don’t look at that. It’s only bad because they made it like that. The ones who follow, study and know the secrets of the earth, how it’s all interconnected and how we all connect with energy, the ones who study our atstology and knowing ourselves and who we are our destiny even coming to grips with what people say are dark. Why is it dark because a human said it was dark? Well I don’t know who the hand that said it thought they were God to judge it. One was chosen to speak with the Gods and the other was not so part of the plot was to forget and make it into rot, It’s all part of the deceptive art to rule and tear the world apart. Burning people alive tied down to stakes no escape; on a stake.  Can you imagine the pain they were faced with for holding to their beliefs system and fighting for what was right the entire time.  Forcing our ancestors to do things a certain way so that the knowledge got lost along the way, using fear torture and death to make them change it their way, despite the truth of it. Yet our ancestors they were smarter than that, they made sure to carve their stories in rock and secret writing only those your ancestors spoke to would know this was the way back as they left you a spiritual path, as they would know and have the wisdom of such things deep in their souls as they have been here before, it’s not something you can take away from one person by trying to become them. It doesn’t work like that.  Especially those that watch the moon and stars, they know the land and the skys, what makes it tick and why, the chosen have to & have had to dive deep to understand why. Not to mention the dead have been judged & not anybody has a right to judge what they don’t know or have even opened their mind to the fact. They just say it’s bad. Deny parts of yourself you have not even looked at. No it’s only bad if a person intends to cause harm and not good with it. This is called manifest. The power of the mind and reasons behind. As we all came from one woman and one man at the beginning of time. This path of sacred transformation, and transpersonal vision, this is my sacred mission
Signed~Sincerely Reality 


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