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I miss her the one who captured my heart .Her presence made my days feel like a work of art. Her smile like a ray of sunshine warmed my soul .But now it's an empty space that takes its toll.

I miss her laughter that echoed like a melody ,A symphony of joy so sweet and heavenly. Her voice like a gentle breeze against my ear ,Now a distant memory that I long to hear.

I miss the way she looked into my eyes With love and tenderness no trace of disguise. Her touch like a feather brought me to life .Now I'm left with emptiness consumed by strife.

I miss the way she'd hold me close and tight .A comforting embrace in the darkest of night. Her presence like a safety net so secure ,now it's an ache that I can no longer endure.

I miss her scent that lingered on my skin .A fragrant reminder of the love we once held within. Her kiss like a gentle rain on summer's eve ,Leaving me craving the sensation I can't retrieve.

I miss her every day with every beat of my heart .Longing for the love that we had and now torn apart.

But even though I miss her so deeply and truely ,l'll carry the memories and cherish them too .For in those moments we shared something divine A love that will forever reside in this heart of mine.

I miss her and maybe one day we'll find a way to bridge the distance and bring back a brighter day.


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