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The chosen ones are special
You never quit understand in the beginning
You see things feel things also hear things
You not like other people you stand out
You never fit in. You put up other people energy
The chosen ones
You would never understand this you would like me deep in the shadows we never quite fitting with anyone but that's the life you pay by being the chosen one you don't ask to be chosen you are already chosen
God has a bigger purpose for us we are his Messengers
There's nothing we can't do that's why when you feel like you're back against the wall and nothing is going right you have been through your trials and tribulations
Nothing is ever easy for us we have to be a thick stronger skin cuz we have people trying to wipe us out could they see the good news in US you just feel irritated anxious overwhelmed
Most chosen ones always hang alone they don't fit in with the crowd and they usually be the black sheep of the family most people try to turn on them but they the ones who help the most it's a lot of chosen ones in this world you have the teachers the helpers the healers and so many has so many reasons


  • Jul 21, 2023

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