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I wear all black I'm moving in the dark
Forever in the shadows where I play a part
The sorrow I feel inside me can never bring me down
I'm moving tonight so the demons will not get me
I know they're everywhere but I walk with no fear
In the shadows I didn't think
Where do I go from here when I feel like I'm about to sink
 you left you  turn right and nobody hear your cries
Then you look up in the sky and you cry our God why
God speaks to you that should not ask me questions for everything I do has a purpose I'm not going to come when you want me to but I am on time God
So you look down with such hurt and confuse me
You know you're a good person and you do everything right at least try to with all your might
But when you sit back in the shadows you feel more and more in-depth will harm you are a light of God
People will hate you. Dishonor you betray you
Even your closest people in the shadows when you sit alone just know you're not alone yet
Your shadows can be anything your own self sending your room by yourself in your own mind
Just know when you feel alone in the shadows when you think nobody cares I do I care about you and we going to come out the shadows together


  • Jul 19, 2023

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