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Slaves are in need of a Hardcore Discipline so they can be disciplined daily so that it may never forgotten by the Slaves , status of the Slaves will gracefully grow in becoming more stronger and learning keep the Body and mind of the Slaves concentrated and focused in life on how service in a Professional Mistress – Slave Relationship property & perfectly so Mistress and a Slave will learn how keep a stronger long lasting relationship between each other for years to come. … slaves will learn to be

well equipped in three different types of Discipline their Lifes

1. (Courage)

2. (Empathy)

3. (Knowledge)

4. (Bravery) 

1.Courage: the courage of the Slaves is attribute to their level of service , services, and serving . To his or her Owner.

2.Empathy: the empathy of the Slaves is attribute of telling their terms in a Serious relationship between the Mistress and slave , level of loyalty , friendship, abilities , and understanding of each other in the relationship.

3.Knowledge: the knowledge of the Slaves is attribute of the Mistress understand the important things and ideas that her Slaves give to her and Share together in a relationship in Public places or private places level of academic atitude skills , investigation skills , and the sum of what Slaves all ready know.

4.Bravery: Speaking up about your boss (Mistress).
colleague or the school  actions.
Giving a presentation at work. To work boss
Going on holiday on your own.
Sticking up for someone. (your Mistress or Wife)
Standing up for yourself and your values. (includes your Mistress or your Wife)
Making the first move or moves on a romantic date or special occasion. (with your Mistress or Wife)
Standing up too difficult Challenges (given by the Mistress or the Wife.) 


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