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Success is what we strive to gain
It's the reward for all the pain. We set our goals and work so hard, Breaking through every obstacle, leaving no guard.

Success is not a destination,
But a journey filled with elation. It's conquering our fears and doubts, And pushing ourselves beyond the bouts.

Success is not measured by wealth or fame, But by how we improve and Success is not an overnight feat, It's the result of every defeat.
We sweat and toil without a break, And never give up, come what may.

Success is not just money and fame, It's a feeling of pride, a sense of gain. It's the triumph of hope and faith, And the satisfaction of conquering our fate.

Success is a journey, not a destination, It's a process of self-realization. It's the joy of giving our best, And enjoying the journey, without any rest.

So, let's strive to achieve our goals, And push ourselves till our heart and soul. For success is not just a matter of chance, It's a reflection of our perseverance and stance.


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