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I went to bed,
And dreamed a dream,
My head upon my pillow;
Sleep the sleep,
Of troubled sleep,
To watch the shadows creep;

Donald duck and daffy duck-
Popeye eating spinach;
People testifying-
The world was on the brink;
Cartoons brought the mayhem-
Dynomite was set to blow;
Bugs bunny road runner-
Here comes the show;

Mr ed and cookie monster-
Talking back to me;
Since when did the animals-
Communicate with me;
Laughter the best medicine-
Scare me with your words;
Teach me what it means-
To be filled with dread;

Mr Rodgers neighborhood-
Taught us wrong from right;
Stephen King spread the word-
Brought fear to the  night;
Images and words-
As far as the eye can see;
But is there really anything-
Here we really need;

Shape the way i see-
With images so bright;
But will it do me any good-
Reflecting in the night;
Lighting up the sky-
Just like it is day;
Is there any turning off-
This incandescent way;

Machinery grinding out-
Electricity and noise;
Helping us to find-
These new irreplaceable toys;
Gadgets coming for me-
Calling out my name;
Telling me to buy them-
Or be lost in my shame;

New is old, old is new-
Forever is the way;
To sell me all there is to sell-
Is the American way;
Nothing new under the sun-
Been true for all time;
But listen to my jingle-
Come listen to my rhyme.....


  • Jul 05, 2023

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