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The source of my tears,
My contingent frenzy,
The reason for my smile, 
It's the sore throat after a performance,
But also the crowd's congratulatory cheers,
It's the way my eyes light up at the sight of every good morning text,
And the way my heart drops when you say goodnight, 
It's the butterflies in my stomach every time I hear you laugh, 
And the crippling pain in my chest whenever you cry, 
It's the calm after the storm,
The rainbow that follows the rain,
The moon that lights up the night,
And the sun which paves the way.
It's the trumpets in my head when I hear your name,
The drums in my chest at the sound of your voice, 
The racing thoughts echoing through my brain,
And the sound of silence after a long day of noise.
The crushing fear of imperfection,
What if I screw up?
Making mistakes,
Learning from them,
That's love.
Pistanthrophobia, it's a battle of trust,
The struggle to let people in,
Working past that together,
That's love.
The overwhelming fear of being alone,
In this case,
It's the fear of being alone, without you.
THAT is love.
It's all of these things and more,
But above all,
Love is an irrevocable force,
It comes in all shapes and sizes,
And we've all been struck by it.


  • Jul 04, 2023

  • Jul 04, 2023

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