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Starting up a business in a country such as the Philippines is not quite as easy as it might appear to be. There are too many matters to take into consideration such as your particular target market, the type of products or services that you would offer, the way the business would operate, your finances, the ideal location, and a lot more.

Should You Learn About Labor Laws Before Starting a Business?

The exact answer is “yes, you ought to”. However, as reasonable as it sounds, you do not have to be a lawyer or to study each of all the laws related to business so as to comply with the country’s business regulations.

As a Businessman, Why Must You Learn Labor Laws?

The Philippines’ Labor Code was established to provide a set of rules and guidelines for both employees and employers. It is important to understand this because not knowing the law is never going to be an excuse when you happen to violate one.

Labor Laws that Every Entrepreneur Should be Knowledgeable of:

The employment categories are regular, probationary, project-based, fixed period or term-based employment, and seasonal employment.

Job contracts are prepared in English, nonetheless, if the employee is a Filipino citizen, the employer is required to provide a dual language contract in Filipino to be able to communicate the exact terms of the contract in a more precise way. 

The maximum working hours in the country are regularly eight hours a day or 48 hours a week with a daily unpaid meal break of at least one hour or a paid meal break of 20 minutes.

You are required to provide your workers at least 12 paid regular holidays/leaves each year, though sick leaves are not really required. Providing additional leaves more than the required 12 per year is entirely up to the employer. Furthermore, paid maternity and paternity leaves are also required by the labor code.

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