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Postal letters from France to (United Kingdom)

That same day (Wednesday at 3 pm the afternoon) Monica said goodbye to Cristina in town, after that she arrived at her apartment
& lay on her bed crying her eyes about Cristina an hour later Monica fall asleep four hours later
she wake up & decided to write a love letter to Cristina in England. (The Love letter) (Dear
Cristina I love you & miss you so much & you come & visit me so we get to know more about
each others life’s & families & I hope you to permanently decided to stay with me in France. Or I definitely move in with you in the United Kingdom. 

sincerely yours lesbian Partner/Friend Monica) after writing the love letter she when to go to the nearest post
office in (Santa Fé anglé ) the post the letter to Cristina & then Monica how dose it to send this
letter? Asked herself reading list of Countries outside the post office door the final find right
payment for her letter ( qui était de deux euros cinquante cents) a few days after Monica wrote
the love to Cristina. There was long replied love letter back to Monica from Cristina.  Bonjour Monica : it's a great kinky and wet feeling to have received your long love letter to me it has cheered me up so much I will definitely reply to you so Monica. ( End of
Chapter Third )


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