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Now that the warmer weather is here, you’re ready to start getting on the water and reeling in the fish again. Perhaps you’re new to fishing, and don’t know where to fish in the South. Maybe you’re already an experienced angler, but want to try somewhere new. Not to worry, as you can pick from any of these 7 top places to fish in the south. 

1. Florida Keys

When it comes to tropical fun in the sun, there’s nowhere quite like Florida. While you may think of vacations and sandy beaches when you think Florida, you should also know there’s some excellent spots for fishing too. 

For example, the Florida Keys is an excellent place for some offshore fishing. As you’re offshore, you’ll be able to find a huge variety of fish here. That includes yellowtail, tarpon, and marlin among others. Fill up your fuel bladders marine and make a day of it on the water, and you’ll be sure to bring home a big catch. 

Being in Florida, you’ll also be able to enjoy some gorgeous weather and even hit up the beaches once you’re done. With a sleeper cabin on your boat you could really spend a whole weekend fishing at the Florida Keys. Make sure you take a marine fuel bladder so you can go further on your trip. 

2. Louisiana Bayou

Here’s another iconic fishing spot you just have to check out, if you haven’t already. If you want variety, you’re going to find it here. There’s both freshwater and saltwater fishing spots, so you can take your pick. As for the fish themselves, you can find bass, redfish, and almost anything else you can think of. 

Many anglers will recommend the Louisiana Bayou for redfish angling, as there’s so many here waiting for you. Explore the inshore bays and you’ll be able to pick out just the right spot to reel them in. You can also grab a boat and head offshore with a boat gas tank bladder, so you can go after the fish who stray out further, too. 

3. Lake Guntersville, Alabama

You’ve most likely already heard all about Lake Guntersville in Alabama, as a prime fishing spot. If you’re ever near the area, it’s somewhere you just have to go. It’s a top spot for bass, as the grass flats create excellent habitats and hunting grounds for them. 

It’s not all about the bass, though. You’ll also find lots of other freshwater fish here, and you can get in a boat and find just what you’re looking for. Make sure you take a marine fuel bladder with you, and you can stay out for longer on the hunt. 

4. Lake Fork, Texas

Lake Fork is another classic fishing spot, and one that you’ll always hear anglers talk about. With a boat and fuel bladders marine, you can roam the surface hunting for some of the best bass in the country. With 27,690 acres of lake to be explored, that’s a lot of bass just there for the taking. 

Bass is so plentiful here as there’s a plethora of amazing habitats for them in the lake. Take a look around any submerged stumps, lily pads and more, and you’ll find them. These and the warm year round weather keep the bass around, and ensures they grow large too. If you’re coming out with your gear and a boat gas tank bladder to go hunt the biggest fish, here’s where you want to be. 

5. Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas/Louisiana

Want another place to hunt down the biggest bass possible? The Toledo Bend Reservoir has you covered. They get so big here thanks to thick growing grass that offers plenty of cover to the fish, and allows you to get those massive hauls. 

Before you fill up the fuel bladders marine and get going, it’s worth noting that the fish numbers have been down in recent years, due to demand. However, you absolutely can find some excellent catches waiting for you here. 

6. Pickwick Lake, Alabama

Pickwick Lake is where you want to be if you want to catch Smallmouth Bass. There are several factors that have made it one of the best places for them to breed, and for you to catch them. As the lake lies just on the edge of their natural range, they can take advantage of warmer weather. That creates a longer growing season for them. Because of this, you can get some real monsters here. 

The lake was created by a dam in the Tennessee River, and this is another factor in creating a diverse fishery. Many anglers love to fill up the marine fuel bladder and the cooler and spend hours on the lake, hunting down the biggest bass they can find. 

7. Falcon Lake, Texas

When it comes to bass fishing in the south you are really inundated with options. This lake is deep and home to large numbers of bass, but you’ll want to remember it’s also very rocky and rugged under the water’s surface. As such, you’ll not want to bring those spinning rods with you. However, you should ensure you bring a boat gas tank bladder as you can spend hours here hunting those bass down. 

In fact, the lake cemented its reputation as a bass home in 2008, when 12 people broke the 100 pound mark after just four days of fishing here. That makes them a very tempting place to check out. It is worth noting though, that this is another lake that has seen a drop in levels in recent years. There’s still plenty here though, so you can stock up your boat, fill up the fuel bladders marine, and go looking for those bass. 

As you can see, there are so many places in the south where you can find excellent fisheries. Now you know the best places to fish, you can start planning out your next trip. Where will you go to find those fish?


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