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I can’t say that I’ve got it all figured out.
Not even close.
I won’t say that I can always keep it together, because that’s far from the truth-
There are always those days,
You know, the kind of grueling, knock the wind from you, can’t catch a break kind of days..
And I have more than my fair share of them.
I’m also really familiar with heartbreak, disappointment and sadness in this life.
And no matter how strong I think I am and try to keep it together, there are just those times when I get overwhelmed by the feelings- whether they are emotions full of angst, sorrow, guilt or frustration..
It doesn’t even matter where I am or when-
The tears just burst out of me, rolling down my cheeks with unfettered fervor.
I could be in the car, in the shower or just lying in bed trying to relax..
The feelings for which I can’t always find the words always bubble their way to the surface..
And there is just something freeing about that release..
No matter the cause or reason, I know that I just feel better afterwards.
More relaxed, more peaceful..
Maybe that’s because all the stuff that gets bottled up and building pressure…
Finally explodes and letting all that go just makes me feel relieved.
I don’t cry because I’m weak or can’t control myself- just the opposite.
Maybe I’ve stayed so strong for so long that every so often, the tears are just meant to be free to express the building of all the emotions that I don’t let myself always feel or acknowledge.
I don’t know and I don’t know that it matters..
What does matter is that I can inevitably wipe my face, gather myself and the world never knows a thing.
I’m not ashamed or regretful of my tears-
I’m human and I’m proud to be able to cry and let go sometimes.
Because what matters to me is that I’m always true to myself and able to express myself..
Good days or bad, happiness or sadness, you’ll always know that you’re getting the real me.
And in a world full of pretense and make believe..
I believe that being genuine and human makes me most beautiful of allok


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