" In Life There Are Two Options : You Can Be The Sheep And Follow The Path Showed By Your Masters Or You Can Be The Lion And Be Your Own Master" Read Count : 112

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Life is a beautiful journey that is full of beautiful opportunities we only need to take those opportunities and make use of it.
We all have dreams and ambitions in life,since we were a child when our elders, teachers ask us, What is your aim in life ?  
We all have given them our own answers some really meant it , some not , some didn't even understand  what is an aim in life ?
But as we grown up we all have started to understand the meaning of it, some stick with their childhood dream, some have change and have different dreams , but this is also the time that we understand that we need goals not just dreams in life because dreams without goals is like an aeroplane without a pilot, If we don't know where we are going then we won't reach the destination.  But, in order to turn these dreams into reality it needs alot of hardwork, commitment, discipline that only the few manage to sustained it till the end, some give up because of setbacks and settle for an easy life, some were influence by the choices that their friends chose, and they follow the same path just to fit in, they are like sheep who will only follow what the masters said they won't question whether the choice they chose, will lead them to the final destination, they don't discover their true self because of the fear of being left out,so they just followed what others are doing in order to be accepted. 
But those who truly understands the meaning of success and what their dreams is all about, they are masters because they won't just followed what the majority is doing , but they will question every decision before finalizing it because they have clear goals and they know that in order to reach the destination they got to be brave and challenge every decision and they are not afraid of being left out or being rejected by their friends, but they walk alone and fight for their dreams till they achieve it. They are masters and they don't follow what others are doing but they follow their dreams and they discover their true self during the journey, because for them they don't want to settle for an ordinary life or a life to just fit in, but to fight for their dreams till the end without quitting so they can live a life without regrets.
 Zig Ziglar said "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."
So, " Always fight for your dreams, till you achieve it, Never give up, even if you have to walk alone, because the pain you suffer now is nothing compare to the joy when you succeed..."


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