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We've all felt pain and we've all felt loss.
To defend or not to defend one's self comes with a cost. 
A good heart makes us weak not having one makes us strong.
A simple misunderstanding can lead to death but self defense that's not wrong.
There's someone who has it worse than you but only you knew what you've been through. 
Sometimes we'd play the victim card, if only we'd try life might be better off.
We're hurting but we'd pretty it up with a smile, an act we'd put on everyday as a child. 
A role model we are to most children, half truths are often utter sometimes to keep them from hurting.
Children seek advice from peers, how can we hurt them when it's us adults they're emulating.
We're humans yet success is what defines who we are, why are we separated by class? when we can can rise or fall from one to another. 


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    Jun 21, 2023

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