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Foxy was walking to the park, she wanted to play with the wolf kids, unlike any other fox, she thought of herself as a wolf. She walked over to the wolf kids playing ball, she asked them politely if she could play along, and they laughed at her, foxy then felt shy all over again.
Finally the kids let her play, just then foxy went to get her a bottle of water and she tripped over a tree branch, the wolf kids laughed.
Suddenly it begins to get dark as if the clouds were hovering, this handsome wolf, stood over top with a huge grin on his face, he then helped Foxy up, and said, are you okay miss that was a awful fall ?
Foxy replies I'm fine, just those kids are something else
Wolfy then takes Foxy hands and says, you sure are beautiful.
Foxy blushes, in awes, she felt wanted finally, wanted by a wolf, she felt admired. 
she hasn't felt that way before. 
She felt somewhere inside she wanted to be like all wolves, yet she knew she was a fox, and there was no way she could be a wolf.
Wolfy then walked her away from the kids, she smiled said thank you for everything, he replied no problem, I'm always here if you need me, but he then went from nice, to a bit rude, he snarls; you do know those kids could eat you if they were hungry right?
Foxy then shrugs, and says  yes but they are kids so I didn't think they would. 
He then smiles and says well your lucky, they aren't very nice, you can't trust everyone.
Foxy smiles, Wolfy then asked If she had a boyfriend? 
Foxy replied, No she was single. 
Wolfy then gets flirty and ambitious he then says, I like to show you around to my place, if you want to come see it.
Foxy smiles big, she wanted to see his place, she was developing a crush on wolf.
She then nods, and says she wouldn't mind seeing it. 
Wolfy took her hands then walks her to his place. 
As they got inside Wolfy grabs Foxy by her face then kisses her, he says she is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Foxy and him then kisses against the wall. He embraces her, seduces her, she feels love like never before, she never felt this kind of love before, She didn't feel in love with her ex and he was a fox himself. This love was different, there were sparks, there were birds everywhere only foxy could see. 
She felt embraced, she felt adored, she felt wanted finally. 
Wolfy then grabs her throws her down on the bed, kissing her all over the face, down to her neck, down the her tummy he kissed Foxy.
Foxy and Wolfy made love multiple times. 
Foxy secretly wanted to have maine wolf pups. She felt ready to be a mother. She wanted to have pups.
Wolfy and Foxy then fell asleep next to each other. 
The next day Foxy made breakfast while Wolfy was still asleep. 
She quietly turned on the tv in the living room, did a bit of cleaning while Wolfy slept. 
She went to get the mail, and wolfy came running out behind her, he grabbed her and kissed her. 
He asked, what are you doing?
She replied; Just getting the mail is all, I made you breakfast while you were asleep.
Wolfy blushed, and said thank you. 
Foxy smiled, pulled her hair behind her ears, then replied your welcome.
Wolfy had bit her neck, and said theirs a hinky, a vampire hinky, to my soon to be wifey.
Foxy giggled and said, I love hinkys, maybe you will turn me into a wolfie.
Foxy loved being given a hinky, she loved vampirism.
She thought vampirism was kinky.
Wolfy grabbed Foxy and held her close to him and whispered, I got to go home soon, but i'll be back.
Foxy felt sad, she did not Wolf to leave her side.
Wolfy then said, he had to get on a ship go back to his family in Peru, but he promised he would come back for Foxy and take her with him. 
They exchanged numbers and information. She wanted to be with him forever. She never felt this love she felt with Wolfy before, all the other Fox she been with she didn't feel a connection. 
This love was powerful. 
Foxy then got dressed and Wolfy changed his clothes to. 
Foxy grabbed wolfy by the face and kissed him deeply, you better not forget me Wolfie.
Wolfy then got his bags and walked out, he was heading back to the ship to Peru.
Foxy was home alone, sad in her heart that he had to leave. She knew she see him again though.
She decided to go to the park, saddened by the fact that wolfy would be across the ocean, she decided to ask the wolf kids some questions get to know him, she was curious.
Foxy headed to the park to where the same kids always play, she walked up to them, and begins to ask them.
Why did he come here for you know that guy I went with the other day? Foxy asked
One of wolf kids laughed and snickered, why do you want to know?
The other wolf kid growled and snickered, then said do you want him?
Foxy begin to worry they might attack her, like Wolfy had instited to be careful that day. 
Just then one wolf kid grabbed Foxy bag, and snickered, guess you don't need this anymore. 
Foxy was about to run but just then Wolfy appeared, he grabbed fox bag out of the kid wolf hands, and growled at the kid.
They all three ranned off.
Foxy was shocked, she said I thought you left for Peru.
Wolfy said, I was on my way but I forgot something at your house.
Foxy said okay come on, i'll unlock the door.  
Wolfy hurried to her house, they walked in and Wolfy grabbed Foxy and begin to kiss her passionally.
You thought I'd leave you behind with those kids, knowing they would harm you?
Foxy smiled. she was happy wolfy didn't leave yet.
Wolfy then grabbed his bag he forgotten, and said stay away from those kids. Then he grabbed her by the face and kissed her


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