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I wish I could turn off my thoughts, 
Because they don't lie to me
They know I've never mattered
In this life of broken dreams, 
They tell me that I'm nothing
Anyone would ever want.. 
They scream I have no value
Despite everything I'm not
I'm not a liar, I'm not a cheat
I've got a heart of gold
But that will never be enough
In this world of fake-ass souls
I never have belonged here
I think I was meant to die
Before I ever saw this world
Through these broken midnight eyes
But my soul has no end in it
It's battled Death to live
And still I lay awake at night
Wondering what more I can give
To a world that turned its back on me
While my soul screamed in the dark
Nightmares became reality
And each one hit their mark
I know I came out stronger
And in some ways better off
Still, that doesn't change the fact
I wish I could stop my thoughts... 


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