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I want to be the light inside your eyes so you can see the shadows of complex torments that are trying to destroy your souls passionate flames, giving you ample notice so you can gear up your inner warrior and from the deepest depths of your heart let out your Battle cry as you fight the war that is ultimately for your life and all that consists of it. I want to be the fuel to your fire that burns for passion and pain as you cannot live in a world that has one and not the other. I want to be the reason for your desire to conquer your demons ( your own, your personal ( by the strength from those hard-earned angel wings entwined with the mythical power of the bald eagle that uses its wings to soar higher above the storm rather than flying forward, in front of the storm out of fear, fleeing from your demons. I want to be the compass that guides you and directs you not to the directions seeking out the path in which you wish to be on because it's a pass well traveled and comfortable to yourself but towards a direction and newly traveled path that enables you to live a version of your best possible self. I want to be the anchor that holds you down and sinks your enemies. I want to be the answers you wish to seek the truths too. I wish to be your strength and times of your greatest weaknesses and the humble to your humility. I wish to be all of your wishes that come true so that in the end.. I can be you. That you that you lost sight of when you we're blinded by the lies built by the enemy to destroy you.

This poem was inspired by a close friend who spoke the truth earlier this evening about wanting to be able to touch at least one person's life by the life she has lived and wanting to encourage others to do better. So in my first writing she has named somebody's motivation and this is now the first poem of the poetry book that I intend on publishing in hopes of changing at least one person's life. Maybe now she can feel by helping me write this poem that she was able to touch at least one person's life. Thank you peanut I love you no not the cashew.


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