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"Not The End Of The World"

In my observation.... 

A lot of people are inspired by darkness. Pain and sadness are their main source of inspiration. They express their pain and suffering and some even attach their expressions with gruesome pictures of blood dripping from their bodies from where they had cut themselves to further express the pain they feel inside. 

Why do they do that? 
Why do they feed on the pain and why do they feed the pain? 
Do they live such sad, painful lives that's filled with nothing but suffering? 

Clearly by expressing their pain openly they are actually crying for help. They feel stuck in a dark, uncomfortable place and are desperate to get out. 

So, why aren't they moving from there? Why arent they doing something to find a way of escape? 
Why choose to be stuck in the dark?

At the same time, these are the same people who speak of warriors and slaying dragons and demons. Is that their attempt at being positive? If it is, I'm not buying it. You wanna express your pain to let off steam, that's fine. But conclude it with a positive solution. If not, pretty soon you're gonna run out of masks to wear. Just sayin'....


  • Jun 16, 2023

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