Why Steal, When We Can Feel. Read Count : 95

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Why Steal !

 ...must be a stone 
with stone cold brain
Or a blind bat for a heart
Bottom up hung, upside down 

Sorry, silent, stealing perv' who will
Never once know the joys and thrills
Of a heart soft and mellow that feels
Whose warmth radiate and overflows
In drips of words like balm that calm
Bones, brains, guts and soul
And wounds massage

Wicked plagiarist name as crooked
One cool name that's way too good
For a crook in hood as lame
Camouflaged  up to no good 
Sinking in a game of shame

Walk yee out 
And meet the world
Soul to soul and feel the cold
Seep the joy and taste the pains
And on paper boldly sob

Tears of joy
And pains your own
Then on paper in colours weep
Watch the tears coalesce to deep
Poetry felt that you 
Didn't steal

To the world of poets
We don't have to old words steal
But just with our hearts to feel 
And with abandon reveal
Our inner selves 
all for the 



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