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I had a choice to make, one that my heart battled my mind furiously over.
I still loved him- I probably always would.
But I knew I was at a crossroads, and there was only one real choice I could make..
To walk away.
I didn’t want to, of course, but I had to..
I valued my dignity, self respect and mental health too much to stay in an ugly relationship any longer.
I had tried everything- compromises, ultimatums, patience... and he refused to make any attempts at change.
Out of options and hurting from the emotional abuse, I did what I had to do to save myself..
I left.
It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do, but I knew it was necessary for me to be able to put the pieces of my broken soul back together.
Exhausted, weary and broken, I fought my heart and ran as fast and as I could..
I knew the hardest part was just beginning, because he wouldn’t let me go so easily..
He’d try to win me back, either with love or force..and my heart sank as those thoughts crossed my mind.
But it didn’t matter to me- I had to do what I knew was right.
I couldn’t keep living the way I had been, walking on eggshells and always holding my breath in fear of the next time he cheated. 
That’s a hard way to live and I just couldn’t do it anymore.
So, as I walked outside to leave, I saw the storm clouds in the distance and I sighed.
So indicative of my life right now.
But, just as I was about to climb into my car, a sudden burst of light caught my eyes and I looked over.
I smiled as I spotted what had just formed.
A rainbow.
Sometimes, you have to walk through a few storms to find your rainbow, and that’s just what I was doing.
I’d still have to endure the rain, but I knew there were better, brighter days ahead.
I’d been lost for so long, in a toxic relationship, I didn’t know if I could find my way back.
But I had to- my happiness and peace was worth any price.
And as I looked at the rainbow one last time, I felt my strength slowly coming back.
I was coming home.
I couldn’t wait to again find that girl that was happy, free and hopeful.
She had been looking for me for a long time.
Now it was time to find my wings again.
I got this.


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