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I never believed in coincidences. I believe in Fate connecting two people who need each other in the same place, at the same time, for an unknown purpose. That's what I believe. 

And just like that, God cleared the path. Zapped everything in sight and wallah.... clear visibility. 

Why now? 

So we can start over? 
Because we're both different people now? 
Because maybe this time, a happy ending makes sense? 
Maybe this time, the story doesn't have to be a tragedy? 
Maybe this time, God is rooting for us? 
Maybe this time, we are right for each other? 
Who knows. 

Maybe our story will have another cliffhanger? 
Who knows. 

One thing I do know is that for Now..... Fate believes in Us. 

Why us? 

Because maybe we're given this time and chance so that you and I can give each other just that - this time and chance....? 
Or maybe we are given this time and chance so we can write a better story together....? 
Who knows. 

So what say you; do we owe it to ourselves to respond to Fate? 
Do we owe it to ourselves to try to find out? 

"There is no ocean that enough love cannot swim, 
no mountain that enough love cannot climb, 
no height that enough love cannot soar, 
no chasm that enough love cannot bridge, 
and no hurt that enough love cannot heal".

What if I love just enough.... will that work for you?


  • Jun 13, 2023

  • Jun 16, 2023

  • Jun 17, 2023

  • If you put it all like that, I'd want to talk for more than just a minute! Trust in fate.

    Jul 21, 2023

  • Aug 25, 2023

  • love!

    Nov 08, 2023

  • Jun 13, 2024

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