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I don't want a flower because it dies too fast. I want something that is going to last forever. Don't get me wrong; I love flowers. But I love us more. I want us to last forever.  These flowers stay around for a quick second.  We need something that matches are love. Our love will last forever. There will be a destination. The flower is precious, just like you. But there don't last forever. But our love will never die. It gave me something that matched us. Buy me seeds So the seed can grow with us. The flowers smell good, just like you. I want something we can grow together.  So are will never die. You say small the flower. The only flower I want to small. It is the flower on our wedding day. I like the flowers that last forever. Just like love. No time I am dying flowers. The only flowers I want is the one the least. I planted are love with respect and love. Plants me the seed so we can grow old together. I will feed you with my passion. I will water you with my tears of joy. You are the flowers that grow in my heart. I will be your forever rose. You are my daisy who brightens my days. Our love will last forever. Flowers die. But our love will last forever.


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