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Tell me it's all in my head.
How beautiful does it ever get,
A forever seemingly place,
Yes the world has its ways all rounds,
But how long is it supposed to keep on moving.
Changes over pain day after day,
Bring me another way to be fully present,
From the very beginning to the very end.
A bit and another
Obsession can't hold it to be 
How do I tell the world that you deserve it all?
If only it had ears around it
It's the little things that matter;
The very big phrase all rounds,
But I'd call them mini.
Connections simply don't know when and how to react
But is it all worth it?
To whatever holdings there is 
They better be the best!
No any other way to express themselves
The bigger picture;
Still holding to the best
Great out holdings after!.


  • Jun 10, 2023

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