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In this realm of illusion, where dreams and reality blend,
A tapestry of perceptions, where beginnings and ends transcend.
This place we call home, a mirage in disguise,
For only those asleep in slumber dare to believe the lies.

The veil of existence, thin as a fragile thread,
Deluding the senses, as we stumble, misled.
But behold, the truth awaits beyond mortal's sight,
A revelation that dawns with the arrival of light.

Death, the elusive harbinger, shrouded in mystery's cloak,
Unraveling the riddles, releasing the spirit's yoke.
With the rising sun, the illusion's chains are torn,
And laughter reverberates, as a new perspective is born.

What once seemed so grave, a burden hard to bear,
Becomes a fleeting memory, dispersed into the air.
Grief, an ephemeral specter, dissolves into the morn,
Replaced by a chuckle, a dance, a joy newly adorned.

Awakening from the slumber, consciousness unfolds,
As truth and wisdom merge, stories yet untold.
In this cosmic tapestry, where dreams and illusions fade,
Laughter echoes loudly, in the serenade of the awakened.

So, dreamers, arise from your somber repose,
Embrace the awakening, where the awakened heart knows.
This place is but a chapter, a transient act on the stage,
Death, the grand finale, and life, a poetic page.

Laugh, oh laughing dreamer, for your laughter sets you free,
Beyond the chains of sorrow, into eternity's decree.
This place is a dream, where only sleepers reside,
But when dawn breaks through, laughter shall be our guide.


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    Jun 07, 2023

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