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I keep on looking for love, thinking it would fill a void. 
To every girl I come on strong, they often get annoyed.
Not much in mylife, is really there to be enjoyed. 
Socializing is one of the many things, I've tried to avoid.

I often looked out for myself, I don't need sympathy. 
Promises often gets broken and most are always empty. 
I'll always appreciate what few friends I've got, though I don't have plenty. 
I never asked to be sick all the time but it's my new reality.

I'm tired feeling pain, so I'm contemplating suicide. 
When asked if I'm fine, I'd say yeah but I've just lied. 
I'm not in this world for to long, I'm just along for the ride. 
The darkest parts of me, deep within is where they'd hide. 


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    Jun 06, 2023

  • Jun 07, 2023

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