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Pattern 1935 is a German army dagger and is one among the several daggers from the era of World War II. Its production started in 1935 from the month of May and it stopped being produced in May 1943. These are one of the few models of daggers that were already being replicated for selling toindividuals looking for mementos by the time the war ended in 1945. Google sell Nazi sword or dagger and you will come across many individuals still looking for genuine Pattern daggers. 

Early reproductions were quite rudimentary and frequently constructed from leftover components. During 1950s and 1960s, complete daggers were first produced in Spain and Germany, followed by England in the 1970s. When these daggers were being reproduced later, they were of higher quality than the originals. On the other hand, these daggers can be easily dated by looking at their construction because original daggers had a fine finish which was done manually by skilled craftsmen of that time.

Trademark symbols

Even though almost 40 firms were producing them, all blades of this original model were made in Solingen, a city in Germany. Original blades typically, but not always, bear the name of the business which completed and sold them. Copies are marked in both ways, just like the original marks, which were etched or stamped. Studying its trademark will help you in examining your bladebecause many replica blades contain authentic company names.

The blade has three flats on either side, and the trademarkmust be perfectly in the center over each one. Make sure to carefully review the trademark in its entirety. Many counterfeit blades have trademarks which are nearly exact replicas of the originals.

Real vs fake

Old blades have flats that are clearly defined and symmetrical, whereas new flats on daggers are erratic and uneven. Verify that the etched pattern is in the center if the blade has one. Be unimpressed by the swastika symbol or names of army units that are frequently printed on fake blades. On occasion, a so-called owner's name is engraved on a new or old dagger. If you come across such a dagger, on Googling buy or sell Nazi dagger avoid it at all costs.

You might need to disassemble the dagger for a thorough examination if the trademark and blade still leave you in the dark. All pieces can be removed by unscrewing the pommel. Always seek authorization before disassembling a dagger, or request that the seller do it for you. It is a sign that it might be a potential replication or forgery if pommel cannot be removed, or seller strictly prohibits it removal. 


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