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I remembered like it was yesterday, when pain it hit my heart. 
A pain so excruciating, it's like being shot with a dart.
No one around to help me now, my friends have all depart. 
A few good years of happiness, have now fallen apart.

Please don't cry now baby girl, just know that I am here.
you're afraid to love again, that is all because of fear. 
A love that's oh so genuine, it's something that is rear.
It's because I'm a man I can't say I'm different but I'll try to show you how much I care. 

The time I've spent with her are now memories I'm hoping could last.
I remember over mylife a shadow, darkness once cast.
Maybe we could have have had a future together but I'm still healing from the scars of my past. 
There aren't enough time in a day to spend with her, for every second, every minute and every hour goes by so fast. 


  • Praying for more time ⏳

    Jun 05, 2023

  • 👍🏾

    Jun 05, 2023

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