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I am in a place that I don't know where you go for here. It's like I see two worlds. One way I see us and another way you visit us. You are stuck in a world of denial. You don't know what holds you back when I can be in a more prominent place—living without you. But I stay because of you. You don't see your life it, not yours. Something has a hold on you. Don't let yourself free to be you. To open up to the world. I am here, ready to fly. To reach a new level in my life. A new chapter in my life. I hope he will be set free. So we can fly high together. You won't be set free if you don't see what holds you back—a life with me. Life will take me in different directions.  One has to follow each other. But one has to let go of the past. One has to let go of the pain. But she tries to meet in the middle—two different diction.  But only one heart. The love is the same. One wants to want a change. Other wants to stay as. One is growing. Others don't want to develop. I am stuck in this world. When I know I can do more for myself. When he stays in denial, I am stuck and thinking will he follow me with nothing holding him back? Or will he come with the same thing to keep him back? She wonders where do I go now. She wants to be free from herself. She feels the wind on her face: sound or piece. She is tucked into a world of the unknown.  It's time for a change. So I can live a world. That I devices. Want to step out with fresh air? Now I have to choose which one do I go to. There is no sign, just a caution. But he was so blind by denial. He won't see me pass by him. Now it is time to choose where I go here because life won't pass me by. Because you don't want me to be free. Because you can't let go. Because you scare off the pain. Two worlds of the unknown. 


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