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I wish you have my eyes. So you can see what I see. But you are blind with a lie. You say you are doing nothing. That is only valid, you ever say. Because you admit that you are not showing me any action. Your words are flawless. Blind by the lie you tell yourself. Because I can see right through you, my eyes show me the truth. You don't have any words. Because I know the truth behind the lie, you tell. You keep playing hide and seek. You permanently hide the fact with your lie. I believe in what could be. You cover it with a lie. I can see right through you. Looking at your eyes, I can see the lie. Your eyes don't lie. You do! No more words to say. I need action. It is time to open your eyes. So you can see my go. But if you don't show me. Then I will close my eyes when I open it. I will walk over. No more words to speak. Its time you show me action. Stand by your words. Or I will close my eyes and walk over. Show you all the words I told you. Come to life. My eyes are open. 


  • Jun 03, 2023

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