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There is no time for second-guessing myself. Life is too short to stress things out. You have to take one step at a time. When life gets hard, don't stress. Life is too short to worry about yesterday.  Now is the time to look ahead. We can't change yesterday.  But we can make today a better day. Time doesn't stop. We have to move on in life. Because going back to yesterday.  It is not on the clock. Only time can bring you closer to tomorrow.  Yesterday didn't count. We are looking ahead to the future. That is where we find happiness. It comes with time and patience. We couldn't fix it yesterday.  But we can make a better tomorrow. Just by checking, all are active.
Every day is a step forward in life. We are climbing ladders to beat the time. Don't reset the clock Full Speed Ahead.  The time is taking. Take one step every minute. Every hour has a chapter: every second, the heartbeat. The morning we will wind. Afternoon we will move a mountain. The night is the time to wine and dine. When the sun is down, that is the time. To put your motion into action. When the sun rises, we rise. To make a better day. Don't let time pass by. Time is too short. To limit yourself. No time for regard. Every day is an obstacle. But if you live your life. With love and understanding for one another. That one quick moment of life. It will last forever. Your time is on your side. So could you not take it for granted? You will find your happy place. Time will take you there. Remember no time for secret-guessing yourself—no time to fill your life with doubts. Now is the time we whine. 

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