Category : Adult

Sub Category : Pulp Fiction
I found peace in your violence,
As strange as it sounds,
Your storms and your chaos,
Brought stillness to my grounds.

I never knew I needed it,
Until you came along,
You shattered my order,
And revealed my inner song.

In your eyes, I saw passion,
In your words, I heard truth,
In your touch, I felt power,
In your love, I found proof.

Proof that life is not linear,
That beauty and pain can coexist,
That our scars make us stronger,
And our wounding can lead to bliss.

With you, I learned to embrace my shadows,
To dance with my demons and fears,
To cherish the darkness within me,
And celebrate the light that appears.

You showed me that love is not easy,
That it requires courage and faith,
That it can be messy and complicated,
But also pure and profound in its grace.

And even in our moments of madness,
When we lost sight of what mattered most,
We held each other, tight and tender,
And rediscovered our love's holy host.

So here I stand, in awe and in wonder,
Of the journey that brought us together,
Of the magic that resides in our hearts,
And the promise of forever and ever.

I found peace in your violence,
And I am grateful beyond measure,
For the gift of your love, your presence,
And the memories we will always treasure.


  • Jul 17, 2023

  • Jul 26, 2023

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