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If you own and drive a car you definitely have been to a gas station and know how it works. But do you really know how it actually works? 
As a customer you know what you are supposed to do once you get to a gas station. You start by swiping your card, choosing which type of gas your vehicle requires and wait for the dispenser to start filling your fuel tank. Once your fuel tank is full, you make your payment and then drive away. However, if you have ever been left wondering as to how such a small fuel dispenser pump unit holds so much fuel, read on to know more. 

Storage tanks
Gasoline or fuel is stored in fuel stations in underground containers or tanks. A gas station is almost completely built on top of huge fuel tanks which are placed under the ground. These tanks are gigantic as each these tanks are capable of holding a few thousands of gallons of gas. The number of these tanks below a gas station is determined by the variety of fuel being sold through this station. 

Now we come to the role of a gas pump in a gas station. The unit you see and use for pumping gas, is only a small part of the entire unit as it allows people to control and access fuel. In order to reach your car, which is located above the fuel storage tank, this fuel has to travel against gravity, which is made possible through two types of pumps. 
Either of these systems can be used for drawing gas up from its storage space. These two options are a suction pump and a submersible pump. Knowing more about them can help one choose the better option for their requirements if one is considering purchasing gas pumps for sale. 

Suction pump
This pump tries to create a suction effect by reducing the pressure where it wants the fluid to reach. This place is usually above the ground, and once a pipe is connecting the fuel and this space, fuel starts moving up due to uneven pressure created. 

Submersible pump
A submersible pump is submerged within the fuel in an underground storage tank. It uses a device called impeller which has propeller like structures which push fuel upwards. This propelling system is similar to a fan and also functions in the same way. Just like a fan’s blades pus hair this pump pushes fuel upwards. 


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