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It’s amazing how someone you didn't even know
Last year  can become your everything.
We went from hello, to inseparably connected.. 
And now, we can’t do life without the other.

It’s beautiful beyond compare
And there’s moments when words fail
To truly convey just how amazing we are together.
Before I ever knew you, I belonged to you.

I don’t know where tomorrow will lead,
Or what storms life will bring,
But I do know that I promise you forever,
To stand beside you, hands held, through it all.

No matter how tough life gets,
I promise to choose you, every day,
To have and to hold, through good times and bad,
Even when things get hard and messy.

I want all the things other couples only dream of-
Deep connection, passion, desire, respect,and love.
It won’t always be perfect, but that’s what I want..
And I want it  with you..for the rest of our lives.


  • I love it ❤️

    Jun 01, 2023

  • Jun 03, 2023

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