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  Take for example the rainforest. Huge vast areas of jungle.   They are some of the most remote and wild places on earth. 
But These are in fact not natural at all!   They are the remnants of ancient agriculture.
Ancient civilizations planted these forests.
The fruit and nut trees.   The rubber tree plants..
All.of the shade giving,  air cleaning oxygen producing plants and trees. Creating nutrient rich life affirming soils, and micro weather systems  atmosphere. Yes these places produce their own weather.  The rainforrests are Also responsible for the protective ozone layer that saves us from harmful u.v. rays.
These combinations of plants would not be found together naturally. They are ancient orchards,gardens and farmlands. The self perpetuating, self sustaining remnants of ancient agriculture. Still working  and thriving thousands of Years after the fact...
This could be reproduced ,imitated.
If it was done before the damage was to much as to be irreversable..
 They knew things we need to learn. They had bio ducts,  controlled their own weather, and made their own rain! 
  Now that you understand somewhat the scope of what I'm talking about I will get back on topic.
..... so these people used their knowledge.
 It is entirely possible that there are  in existence places of relevance in the accumulation and storage of precious metals,  minerals and stones. Gold, silver, iridium. Diamonds etc..
 I  have based my theory on things that I have learned by observation and seeking.
Not by listening to things others have told to me. Or read in a text book
  Now if you will....picture.... A place near the ocean.   On a river inlet  in Rocky cliffs  that edge along the coastline.   The ocean river...where several creeks and rivers flow together and  join.
   An obscure place not easily visible to most eyes.
This place would have a cove, with a deep.rock face that plunges into a lagoon.
 The lagoon  is Hiding underwater caves, unassuming it would also have a dangerous back current ...
  Nesteld in the the sloping crook of a hillside that dips down will be evidence of old footings for a bridge.
Small openings would upon closer inspection open into larger caverns,and a series of tunnels thru the hillside.
 A drawbridgetype gate. An underwater gate built with enormous timbers, treated with sap and minerals to keep from eroding.
Anchored into the stone it would look like a natural foot bridge. But the river would be flowing underneath thru the chasm.
In the lagoon below are giant globes of metal or glass, kept from sight with chains that run thru the rocks,  they are like fishing vessel floats..
The floats are very heavy on dry land and they sink into the sand and silt when the tide is out.
 But when the moon is right , the tide comes in.
The floats rise up to just under the surface of the water. Allowing the chains  to lengthen.
 Wich lets the wooden gate down.
As the gate comes down it blocks off the river. Changing the course of the water.
 It isBuilt so that  just enough water gets thru.
 Keeping the gate from breaking under the pressure.
   It is a switch for changing the course of the river.
When the water levels are down the openings to the caves are exposed.  Once Inside you will find a series of walkways,  channels,   chutes and deep collection pits.
After the place is accessed the gate can be secured in place for as long as necessary.  Preventing it from closing and trapping and killing anyone left inside.
Inside you would find is the culmination of hundreds of years of self perpetuating gold traps.
 When In operation the paydirt can be fed or shoveled in, but left un attended the natural erosion and rainwater keep sending material down a series of channels.
The heavy elements separating themselves by weight,& gravity .
  All you have to do is be at the right place when the moon is right.
When The tide rises to a specific level.Then You clean out the traps!
That's it.!! 
 When leaving be careful to also leave when the time is right .( For safety.)
After the pins are pulled.
 & The tide goes out/ the floats drop /AND THE GATE RISES.
 The river returns to its due course, and refills the lagoon.
,  Once again hiding a place of genius treasure!!! 
Thank you
Leah veach


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