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When "I love you" turns to hate
And there's nothing left to save
And you're just left surrounded by
Memories and ghosts.. 
Some might call you chickenshit
For holding back your words.. 
But When it's all in ruins around you
And you haven't any glue
To put it back together because
There's no "together" to be found
When "I love you" lays in shambles
scattered pieces all on the ground.. 
Just leave them to their opinions
It doesn't matter what they say
It's not their heart that's broken
It's not their dreams inside that grave
Their ghost can never haunt you
They're just voices on the wind
When it all came down to it
You and you alone
 found the strength to walk
So let them call you what they will
Cuz all they've got is talk... 


  • May 30, 2023

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