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If God = GOLD
Souls= devotees i.e. believers servants of the (lord)= followers of wealth,and gold. 
The priests were sent to convert souls= converting/ conquering slaves, to be devoted and loyal to their cause, amassing large amounts of gold and wealth
The king did not send a bunch of men to work in the gold mines.
 That would have been to costly.   Instead they sent the ones who possessed the knowledge, charisma. ,ingenuity  and drive..
  The  manpower could be won over or conquered upon arrival.
 These Ancient jesuuts were a type of scholar,  unique to their troupe'
     Free thinkers.
Who in all of their free thought  also had discipline. A code they adhered to.
  Structure and standards of conduct that made it possible to operate smoothly.
  Even in the absence of government or laws of the land.
They all had the code installed  in them enabling them to keep a tight regime, even in the face of uncertian ventures.
   These guys were smart. Very smart, not just book smart, but practically and spiritually enlightened. They were thinkers,  observers.  and masters of using the natural world  to work in their favor.
Always working smarter, not harder. 

Once the initial design(s) were realized built and in operation they moved on.
 To the next place,  Leaving each place with hidden,  working, self perpetuating gold, silver and mineral mines.
  Systems that put to use their vast knowledge of the cosmos, the land, nnchemistry. , ebb and flow of the ocean tides. The botany of the plants, trees and wild life. 
  The native languages and customs were  always taken into consideration.  They Befriended and. Were loved by the people they met, and the native cultures they came across.
   Making alliances with other explorers,  other great thinkers, and leaders across the globe. Able to be connected to all these things without the internet or telephone. They still had ways to leave messages send ,recieve and store information.
 Although I have never heard of any story or found information that would prove my theory to be correct. That's ok. It's part of the design, a bug partnof why it's so genius....there is little or no actual trace of it.
No evidence or historical text.No physical evidence to point to. Well not ones that are readily visible! Unless you have learned what and how to know what you are looking at.
They were masters of hiding the truthin plain sight...hiding the simple truths within the beauty and complexity of nature. Inside nature's chaos.
By using this apex of accumulated knowledge they put the natural world to work for them...In ways so smooth and seamlessly affective they would appear to the untrained eye a part of the natural landscape!!


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