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Start a new page,

With greatness in the distance.

Broke out of the cage,

A race to the finish.

Jump up on the stage,

There’s no need to mention,

Runner up or second place.

Turn to fuel that which was tension.

One step at a time, climb the staircase,

Don’t stop at the sign, but look both ways…

If collision en route,

Coming straight to,

This north bound vehicle 

Cruising right through.

One way south bound in dead hour.

Death wish protection,

Life to devour,

Detachment on every level down, the top tower.

Can’t wash it off no matter how you scour.

Put me in the ground I’ll photosynthesize and flower,

Growing in the sun and drinking up thundershowers.

Parallel to excellence,

Yes it’s relevant,

In each line it flows through 

Showing prevalence.

Knowing better now than to bet what to expect,

School for every subject each learned skill is a test.

Under manic influence

Streams precise progress,

With four finally in congruence

It’s always more than a guess.

Something way down deep known

Where it’s felt in the bones.

My heart is sewn stone

being cold  and hard its prone.

Brain is on fire

Crossing all wires

Dotting all i’s 

Processing all that’s transpired 

I aspire…

To dwell inside my zone,

Go to my house,

There’s no one at home.

It’s time to party alone.

Pressure get it right 

Knowing I’m on the left tract.

Signal satellite 

Even if it’s abstract.

It’s still for go in-flight

Let nothing fall back

Down pass starlight

Prepare for silent impact,

Of the matched magic words in order.

Like diamonds at the border,

Sparkling, waiting around as those that loiter.

Outside the front,

While looking over their shoulder.

Watching for the chance to be mistaken for tiny boulders,

Opportunity to correct that their wiser and older.

Mistakes people make,

Pretending to be awake,

For the sake

Of not knowing what’s at stake

And what to take.

Serious oblivious, 

Can’t tell a plain rock from a gem..

I’m breathing under water..

They learning how to swim.

Pressing on the pavement, 

The car lets off the gas,

To sharp turn onto an exit,

Left blinker like driving class.

Up the off-ramp - screaming twelve, stomping sirens,

Gaining ground, playing catch up 

It’s been nice trying.

Car pulls into a tunnel,

Darkness swallows whole,

Them boys are right behind,

Chasing with their soul.

They find the car idle,

And surround it by most,

But open up the door to find 

It occupied by a ghost.



  • Jun 26, 2023

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