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From Christmas cards to venue decorations, cake making to party invitations, it is high time to show your creative side in a way that matches the upcoming festive mood. As you have no qualms putting a lot of effort in making things perfect as a host, why not to do a little more for a new look of your website? A web design California firm has 3 simple tips for people like you. 

A metallic look

A little more shine and sparkle works like a magic for your website. A metallic look does that in a non-fussy way. You can also add special print effects to your website. Foil print effects are one of the most appealing elements. These also give your website a classy look and feel. You can try these for graphic designs.
If you want to add an animation or a video to your website, choose something sparkling or metallic. Don’t try too many special effects as these will confuse and repel visitors. Keep it simple to exude a vibe of class and sophistication. 

Not just a particular holiday feel

Instead of going all out with your Christmas theme, you should think about incorporating elements that last the holiday season. This way, you can reach out to a large pool of audiences from different ethnic groups. 

Use colours, textures and other things that create a common thread across all celebrations. Just creating a theme for a particular festival will fail to reignite interests in your potential users. An inclusive approach will appeal to all users practicing different beliefs and customs. It will be particularly helpful if your website has products for sale. 

A new colour palate
Red and green are most popular festive colours. However, you can explore a wider colour palette in keeping with your website theme. My point is: don’t get stuck with traditional shades.  

Cool colours like blues, greens and purple go well with winter theme. A cool palette and metallic effect nicely complement each other. A colour cocktail – off course, it should be good to look at – will make your website stand out. Anything you choose and create should reflect your aesthetic sense and sensibility of style. 

Final Words

Christmas is a great time when you should think about giving a new look to everything else, from your home to website. A California web design firm always recommends ‘go simple’. A touch of fun and jolly feel will go a long way to grab more eyeballs.


  • Dec 09, 2023

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