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Running around with no care in the world
Living like there’s no tomorrow
Laughing and singing, eating and playing
Who are we to care

Living for pleasure, feeding the flesh
Do it if it feels good
No rules, no job, no consequence
This is my day to day

Are we so blind that we can’t see
This could be the end
That the life we know and the life we love
May not come again

Having fun and partying down
Drink till you can’t no more
Wake yourself up with a splitting headache
Find yourself on the floor

As time goes by and you realize
It’s meaningless these things
Where is the truth, where is the light
That used to shine in your eyes

Blinded by the darkness within
Rooted deep down inside
Strange this thing, that without light
In isolation it grows

Search for truth, search for light
This is the only way
To find your peace, to find true love
Before it all goes away


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