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I knew I was going to get heartbroken
I guess I wanted more than he could give me 
It's been days and not once I have received a 
a text message from you 
I guess I deserve this 

How could I tell you I fell for you? 
How can I look into your eyes 
and show you my care through my eyes
How pitiful I am
Heartbroken before anything starts 

There is this new girl that's giving you attention 
but you talk to her more than you do to me, and still
you say you don't like her
I want to move on
I want to move past this I thought when I woke up 
today I was going to be better since I did 
cry my self to sleep
I woke up today and I still thought of you 

I never thought letting you go, will 
damage me so much
I haven't had any appetite
I could barely eat 
I must stop myself before... this heartbreak 
destroy the little love I have left


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