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If I were Prime Minister,
The first thing I would do
Is to prosecute corrupt officials.
Public trials with transparency,
No forgiveness for dishonesty.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd strive for fairness and unity,
Shunning deceitful politics,
And instead, uphold public trust
By exposing and eliminating corruption.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd be committed to justice
And hold accountable those who deceive,
Not shielding anyone from scrutiny,
And ensuring the law serves all equally.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd approach leadership with joy,
Fostering positivity and inclusivity,
Creating a government that values laughter
In the midst of the nation's responsibilities.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd embrace unconventional ideas,
Appointing diverse voices to guide me,
Empowering the youth and marginalized,
Acknowledging that change often comes from unexpected sources.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd seek counsel from the wisdom of children,
Recognizing the importance of youthful perspectives,
Valuing the innocence and candor of the young
In shaping a future filled with hope and optimism.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd surround myself with the joy of creativity,
Supporting the arts and cultural expression,
Encouraging entertainment that brings people together,
Embracing the richness of our shared experiences.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd tackle unemployment head-on,
Creating opportunities and incentives for all,
Empowering the youth with meaningful jobs,
And advocating for fair working conditions for everyone.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd foster a society of compassion and understanding,
Where everyone's voice is heard and valued,
Removing barriers for small businesses and entrepreneurs,
And ensuring that economic prosperity reaches every corner of the nation.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd lead with humility and respect,
Alleviating the burdens and struggles of daily life,
Supporting the marginalized and vulnerable,
And upholding the values of honesty and integrity.

If I were Prime Minister,
I'd prioritize the well-being of our nation,
Uplifting our people and our land,
Creating a legacy of progress and prosperity,
Always mindful of the responsibility that comes with leadership.


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