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What do you want to be
When you grow up
A puppet on a string
Or the man behind the scene

Leader of the free world
Or a teacher of mankind
Someone who is trusted
Intelligent and kind

But what will it take
To be a man of noble birth
Who knows what he is worth
In this day and age

Are you filled with questions
For the betterment of mankind
Chasing after answers
Like gold that’s hard to find

Are you speaking words of wisdom
That all may be edified 
That your history becomes
How you testify

Showing the scars
Of who you truly are
That all may see
Just how far you’ve come 

Behold the man who shines a light
On truth and justice today
Chasing away the darkness
Making life livable for us all

Pray for them who lead and shine
That they may be unafraid
That their path may be unencumbered
By snares and traps of man


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