. Your Touch Is All I Need. Read Count : 98

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
I said your hands  are magical 
    Your lips are the perfect  blend of desire and lust
                   The taste of  your lips is like  tasting the sweetness of a carabao Mango 
       They come with that natural  fructose  
 That brings that  excitement  in a way that the bible forbids 
        The feeling  i get when your  hands are placed on my midriff  and the scent of your  body  increases  my libido 
             If looks and emotions  were human  those  deserve  to be locked up  for the sight  of you makes my body  weak 

  In a way that only  that body  to body     ......... the sweet nothings words can heal  me ..

 And gives me my strength  again  ...  i can say that your touch is an appetizer  to my body  

 For  it fulfills  my desires  ..


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