True Guide For Guilty Read Count : 52

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Jhonny  is a pretty funny
Where is his naughtiness?
Love, Affection,truthful that might be last word.
I make for you, you do for me too!
Once Jhonny the jocular says ;
How can I be too funny ? Mamma
You are the one I get guide
It was a thankfulness, it was also greed
Never be treacherous if you don't believe.
A call from the birdy.
I say Mamma forgiveness  is not lastable
I believed you but don't know disrespected you , but why?
The answer was , I was conceived but I took that sin  , prayed for forgiveness.
I don't know 😞 what happened?
There's the question ❓ How I be fooled?
But genuine thoughts came from you 
You are the Mommy of the 🌎
But I feel sorrow for my sin,
Your love shall always be 😊 happiness.


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