You Ruin My Life Wth Your Words Read Count : 99

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I don't let you live in my thoughts anymore,
Because every time you come,
Every time you leave,
You ruin my life with your words. 

I no longer let myself be touched
By your cold hands,
Because my broken skin can barely cover
The wounds you leave on my flesh.
Hundreds of thousands.

  I don't leave love letters
On your table,
I don't send you the songs I hear on the radio.
I don't call you my girlfriend,
I stopped doing things for love...


  • Dec 01, 2023

  • Serabear Smith

    Serabear Smith

    I liked it alot

    Dec 02, 2023

  • Dec 02, 2023

  • Dec 02, 2023

  • Altagracia Ortiz

    Altagracia Ortiz

    so sad...

    Dec 05, 2023

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