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Here in the US, we really are spoiled for the amount of amazing fishing spots we have access to. No matter what kind of fish you are looking for, or what kind of fishing experience you want to, there is somewhere for you.

If you want to find the kind of fish that I only available in deep sea locations, then the same is true here. Here are seven of the best deep sea fishing spots in the country, and what makes them so great. Load up your fishing gear and your marine fuel bladder and check any of these spots out.

1. Florida Keys, Florida

Florida in general is an excellent state for fishing, giving you the ability to fish year round in beautiful locations and fantastic weather. If you are looking for the best deep-sea fishing in particular, then you should head to the Florida Keys. Here, you can find yellowfin tuna, amberjack, and king mackerel.

If you do decide to go, the best time to go fishing is during the winter. You can find plenty of different fish, including tuna and sailfish from November, with the biggest numbers available from December through to February. Make sure you bring your boat gas tank bladder to ensure you can spend as much time on the water as possible.

2. Outer Banks, North Carolina

 you may have heard the Outer Banks referred to as the billfish capital of the world. That’s because marlin and sailfish are caught in abundance by anglers here. Typically, the season for blue marlin is that it’s best in June, and if you want to catch white marlin and sailfish, August and September are the best times for them.

Yellowfin tuna is also a popular catch here. With so many different fish available to catch, a fuel bladder for boats is a must so you can stay out as long as possible. If you are a new angler, you can also find guides who can take you out to the best fishing spots, and help you refine your technique.

3. San Diego, California

California is already a great place to go if you are looking for a vacation, but for those who want to get some angling in they will want to make sure to visit San Diego. It’s very much considered to offer some of the best sports fishing in the world, so ensure you bring your fishing gear and marine fuel bladder when you decide to visit.

A lot of fish come from The Waters of Mexico in the early summer including yellowtail, tuna, dorado, and more. You can even take a trip to the Mexican Coronado Islands to catch even more fish, should you be looking for more.

4. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is known for a lot of things, but what you may not know is that they offer excellent offshore fishing.  Puget sounds is probably their most popular spot, thanks to a huge amount of chinook salmon that call the area home. While they are available all year long here, you will typically find the best numbers from November to April.

It’s not just about the salmon no, as you can find flounder, lingcod, and cabazon in Seattle Waters. Angling regulars can show up with a boat gas tank bladder and all their equipment and have some very productive fishing sessions here.

5. Montauk, New York

If you want a really rewarding fishing session, then you shouldn’t look further than Montauk. Here you can find giant bluefin tuna, cods, and even sharks. The blue fin tuna is a popular catch here, as if you visit from July, you can catch tuna that weigh up to a 1,000lbs each.

For those who are experienced anglers, heading out with your boat and a fuel bladder for boats will give you everything you need to enjoy your trip. If you are new to angling, there’s plenty of guided tours you can take that help you find the best fishing spots here.

6. Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you are heading to Virginia, then you really must make sure you head to Virginia Beach.  Here, you can head into the Norfolk Canyon, which allows you to catch a massive amount of different fish. Right now, you can find billfish, tuna, marlin, and more.  You really need to make sure you bring your marine fuel bladder, to ensure that you can spend as long as you want on the water catching those fish.

If you are new to angling and don’t own a boat or boat gas tank bladder, or anything else you need, not to worry. You can charter a guide here who will help you with the basics, so you can enjoy what’s available.

7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Last but not least, is cape cod. It is probably one of the most famous offshore fishing locations in the world, and it easy to see why. You can catch everything from bluefin tuna to striped bass and blue fish when you fish out here.

Not only is the angling amazing, but you may even have the chance to find purposes and whales in the waters as you fish. It’s an amazing chance to see these animals up close in the wild. Make sure you bring a fuel bladder for boats so you get the chance to stay out and see them for yourself. Not to worry if you don’t own a boat or any of the gear yet, as there are plenty of tours that you can join. That makes this a perfect spot for beginner anglers who want to see what deep waters have to offer them.

There are so many amazing deep water fishing spots in the US, and these are some of the very best out there. If you have your own boat, make sure you take your marine fuel bladder with you to get the very most out of your time on the water. If not, there are always tours in these areas that can take you out to the best fishing spots.


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