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There’s a life turn to stone
Become statue, never roam
Where the birds find their rest
In the autumn times

Look above to the fields
Resolute, never yields
His emotions are as hard
As the setting stone

Will the men of our times
See the sun start to shine
Or will their eyes be shut
Till the end of time

Men come bow down
Seek your GOD who never sleeps
And come be reborn
For such a time as this

Run through the fields
Spread the word through the land
Let the truth of His word
Be sufficient

Bring forth all the lost
Make them whole, don’t count cost
As we see that our land
Has been reborn 

People of this world
Put down all your fears
And come to the cross
For redemption

People hear this plea
For it is for you and me
For when the time has gone
It is done


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