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Nothing but thieves
In the life we live
Taking all
That there is to give

Living in disgrace
Darkness a shroud
Cover ourselves
As we scream out loud

We want more
We want it know
Spoiled little brats
Are having a cow

Put us all on pedestals
Put us all on stage
We are the idols you should worship 
Here in this age
Bow to our image
Bow to our name
Bow to the blasphemers
Here on parade

Throw us all a party in honor of our ways
Tell the paparazzi they’ll reprint it for days
Sacrifice to idols all your dignity
We are the gods the world should obey

Children come to worship
And adore us with their voice
Giving fealty like good girls and boys

We want more
And we want it right now
Spoiled little brats
Are having a cow

Throwing a tantrum 
Just to get their way
Lost little children
Never learned to obey

Their parents
Their leaders
Anyone in charge
Oh GOD help
The children at large


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