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Ladies, quick question, have any of you ever seen a ship with just a captain alone, the last time I check every ship has a captain and a co captain right? So when a woman says, she's not with a guy because of money, then what is she with him for? his words and to get some D? If any woman says she's in a relationship with a guy and she pays her own bills, buy her own food, pay to do her own nails, buy things to do her hair and pay to get it done, she might say that's her being independent but she's fooling herself, it's her being single with a living, breathing, walking, talking, human toy, if he's not supporting her a bit financially, then that's no relationship and if any woman is with a guy and she has to be asking for financial support that's the role reversed and that's his sex toy but hey, I could be wrong, it's just my curiosity talking, don't eat my head off.


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    Nov 26, 2023

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