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In the basking city of new deli, India there was a young boy named Muhammad Saeed Rahman who dreamt of becoming a professional footballer and making his family proud, as he was playing outside with his friends a mafia truck passed by quickly it was the Brazilian mafias conducting their business in India.

As the cars pulled up a woman opened the car window and waved at Saeed as he waved back, she got out of the car and picked up Saeed with smile, her husband saw her smiling and decided to kidnap Saeed for his wife, her husband was the leader of the mafia gang his name was Oscar Olivera and her name was Danelle Olivera, the live in a mansion in LA, USA. 

12 years later, 

Saeed hugs Danelle and says “ love you mom but I need to get to school” as he set of to high school with his two best friends Rhea Patel and Tyson Skyes, they were the popular/ordinary kids in school as Saeed was good at every sports including football and all the girls fancied him and it attracted a lot of fans since starting his high school life. Rhea was the head cheerleader and always cheers for saeed in every game and Tyson is in the school band and always acting in the school play. 

Back at home, 

Oscar gets ready to deal his business of money laundering through a wedding venue And sets his minions to do his dirty work like dealing his drugs. While Danelle manages the wedding venue, she’s always smiling as she’s never been more proud of her adopted son. 

It’s the school cup final and there are scouts watching the game alongside Danelle, Oscar and everyone with Rhea cheering his name, He makes saves one after another going into extra time, he makes one final save to go into penalties, the whole team huddles together talking strategy and giving themselves a confident boost. 

The penalty starts as Saeed teammate scores the first goal, saeed then lines up to get ready to save but it hits top bins by the opposition, then comes Saeed’s other teammate but it’s saved, Saeed then lines up for the second time and he saves giving them hope the penalty went on until it came to one last decision if he saves this his team wins but if he’s doesn’t he’s team loses, as the ball was flying through the air Saeed jumps and saves it winning them the trophy. As he stands up he sees everyone cheering and his teammates running towards him and they hug him in excitement for winning, he looks towards Danelle and Rhea and points with a smile. 

After they lifted the trophy a scout came over to saeed it was a scout from LAFC, the scout said “after that save I want you to join LAFC of course you will start from the academy but I think you have potential to be great so what do you say you want me to book a meeting to discuss more” Saeed was out of breath but said “ Yh I’m down when do we have a meeting” the scout replied “ how about next Saturday”, “Yh that’s fine with me” said saeed. 

It was party time as the school threw a party for the team. Everyone was dancing and enjoying the party while saeed looked at Rhea and smiled while giving his hand out to her, Rhea smiled back and gave her hand out to saeed has they danced away not knowing they will soon have deep feelings for each other. As the party went on Tyson was on stage with his band singing songs, as the music was playing Saeed and Rea both looked at each other’s eyes just before they were about to kiss Oscar came to saeed and pulled him saying “we need to go home” Saeed responded in agony with “why” But Oscar didn’t respond and drove off with Danelle and Saeed. Oscar rival gang were after him so they had to leave but Saeed knew something was up as he headed home. 

Back at home, 

Oscar and Danelle were fighting as Saeed was in the other room but quietly walked out to see what was happening, where he sees an envelope in the table near Oscar, he quietly sneaked in without anyone knowing and grabbed the envelope and took it to his room, as he was sitting there wondering what it it could be he called Rhea and Tyson to come, they snuck through the window. As they all looked at the envelope saeed closed his eyes and opened the envelope not knowing it could change everything. 

He opened the envelope and inside was everything about him like his birth certificate and his real parents names and where they were, Saeed couldn’t believe it what he was seeing, his life was a lie Danelle and Oscar aren’t his real parents. Filled with rage he wanted to confront them but he knew he had to gather evidence, he knew this was just the beginning. 

The next morning, 

As Saeed was getting ready for school he walked past them with anger still knowing things they kept from him, as he walked past Danelle says “hi honey do want some breakfast” but Saeed said nothing and left. Inside his car filled with rage turned his car in to a beast that can’t be tamed, as he was speeding through traffic he tried to forget everything and he thought of happy thoughts like his contract with LAFC and Rhea. 

As he approached his school, he sees different groups of people like the goths, the geeks and even the popular kids alongside the school band it was filled with multicultural students and teacher but Saeed always had a favourite teacher and her name was miss hart she was the English teacher everyone loved her. 

Saeed pulled up and went towards Rhea and Tyson they asked him if he’s told them everything, Saeed says “no I just left the house and came here” Rhea responded with “you know you need to tell them right you can’t keep it bottled up you need to find out everything and only they know” Saeed sighed and said “Yh I know but I don’t know where to start like the fact that they aren’t my real parents or I wasn’t born here like what do you want me to say”. Out of nowhere the school bully arrived his name was Kai Honda he came with his friends, Kai and Saeed have always hated each other since kindergarten when Kai bullied saeed. 

As Kai approached he started laughing, Saeed stepped in front of Rhea and said “what is your problem” Kai responded with “you are my problem” Saeed then said “I’m not in the mood move out of my way” then they both faced off but it was interrupted by miss hart and the headmaster Mr Finchley who pulled both of them away. 

The bell rang it was time for class as they headed into school and into their lessons, first lesson was English with Miss Hart. As the lesson started Miss Hart was talking about Romeo and Juliet and the concept of love and betrayal, as the lesson progressed saeed looked at Tyson and Rhea as they were using sign language to communicate with each other about the incident that took place before. 

Back at the wedding venue there was a wedding ceremony that took place and at the back Oscar was having a secret meeting with the other gang members about how they’re going to deal with a traitor, at the same time Danelle was helping the catering team bring in food for the guests as she was smiling and greeting the guests and having casual conversations with them. 

Back at school Saeed just finished his lessons and it was break time and was on his way to the school field where him and his teammates/friends were playing football, it was an intense match, the match finished 1-1 as the school bell rang. The school day went by and it was home time, Saeed got a phone call from Danelle telling to help at the wedding venue as there was another wedding that same day, he asked Rhea and Tyson if they could help him and they said yes so all three of them went into Saeed’s car and left. 

After helping out with the wedding everyone was cleaning, as Saeed and Rhea were in the wedding hall packing up they were alone Saeed put some music on and they started dancing as they felt a connection to each other saeed leaned in and kissed Rhea as he couldn’t hold it in and Rhea kissed him back before being interrupted by Tyson, Danelle and Oscar. As they walked in saeed pulled away and they looked at him with a smile while trying to hold their laugh in, Saeed looked at Rhea and said “forget this I don’t care anymore I’m in love with you Rhea” she looked back with a smile and said “ I’m in love with you too” and they hugged as everyone watched. 

The LAFC meeting day, 

It was the morning of the meeting this is where he signs a contract with LAFC to join them. As he sat there on the kitchen table eating his breakfast Danelle hugged Saeed and said “my baby boy is going to be a star” Saeed looked and said “yep” acting like nothing happened within the last week. 

Saeed arrives at the LAFC headquarters with Danelle and Oscar as Oscar says “go and get them my son” Saeed just looked at went in with the scout and the assistant manager. As the scout was telling saeed about the club the head coach walks in and says “you must be the new kid enough of this talking how about showing what you got. They took him to train with the first team where they introduced him to them as he joined in he made saves one after another proving he was the best. The head coach was amazed and invited him back in to his office and gave him a contract saying “here this is all yours sign it” Saeed without hesitation signed it and he officially became a player for LAFC. 
Back at home, 

Saeed came home and couldn’t wait to tell his friends, they were happy for him. 

It was Monday morning and Saeed and his friends were at school doing drama and the teacher asked who wants to play a character and of course Tyson put his hands up to play the main character the teacher said audition  will  be held after school. After the class finished the whole school found out that Saeed is going to be a superstar and they all congratulated him except for Kai as he slammed his locker shut as he walked away.

At home Saeed was at home with Rhea and they had a conversation about their relationship and Saeed wanted them to show the whole school that Rhea was taken, after an hour Rhea finally agreed to go public about their relationship and so they did by posting pictures on their social media with the Hashtag couples on their captions. 

The following morning as they entered the school everyone was talking and cheering for them while Tyson looked embarrassed and happy for them at the same time he couldn’t hold it in and hugged both of them and said “my besties are in love yay”. 

The school day went by and it was home time and Tyson had rehearsals as he passed the audition for the main character, as Saeed was driving with Rhea a car came out from nowhere and stopped in front of them Saeed told Rhea to wait in the car and he asked the driver politely to move but before he could say anything else four guys jumped out of the car with baseball bats and attacked him,beaten and bruised Saeed was fighting for his life as Rhea was holding his hands crying she then called Tyson who just finished his rehearsals and came quickly as he could and he called 911 for the ambulance service. 

He was rushed to hospital, laying there helpless he squeezed Rheas hands tighter, at the hospital Saeed became unconscious and the doctors told Tyson he is in critical condition. 10 minutes later Oscar and Danelle rushed towards saeed as Danelle started crying but Oscar didn’t seemed bothered. The doctors kept him for weeks not knowing if he will make it, as the whole family was waiting Danelle told Rhea and Tyson to go to school Oscar agreed to drop them off at the school and to act like nothing happened. 

But it was too late everyone at school knew what happened and were saddened and were giving condolences like he was dead this went on for the whole day and finally Rhea snapped and brought the whole school together and made announcement saying “thank you for coming but I want to make one thing clear saeed is not dead he’s just in a coma ok instead of apologising you should be there for him like he would be for you guys” she carried on speaking and by the end everyone was clapping and cheering. 

The next morning, 

The whole school made a care package for saeed and wrote a get well soon note to him. A couple of hours later he woke up not knowing what happened or how he got here but they didn’t care all they cared about is him being alive they all hugged him but Rhea and Danelle hugged him the longest, the nurse came in and told them that he needed to rest for a couple of days. 

2 days later, he was fully recovered and they went home but Saeed still didn’t know who attacked him and why but he tried to forget it and carry on with his recovery. He kept on training building up his strength to get better as well as become stronger. 

The next day as he was at home recovering he got a phone call from the academy manager telling him not to come in until he is fully fit to play. 

6 weeks later, 

Saeed had fully recovered and was ready to play his first match for LAFC academy, the manager put him on the starting lineup because he was working hard to get better he practiced everyday.

Match day, 

Saeed was ready to show what he was capable of his team walked onto the pitch against Atalanta United under 18 team, in the stands was the whole school along side Rhea, Danelle, Tyson and of course Oscar, but Oscar was with the owner talking about taking over the club, the match started and everything was going well a few seconds before half time saeed dived and let in a goal by the Atlanta United striker hitting the bottom left corner. 

Saeed was angry at himself for the mistake but he saw his team down so he gave them a pep talk to get them back in. The second half started saeed saved a goal from an impossible angle but surely after he saved it he kicked it out all the way to his striker who netted it in giving them hope if a comeback but disaster Saeed’s teammates slide tackled into the opponents leg giving them a free kick just outside the box, the opponent curls it around the wall and the defence but it was saved by Saeed , then came a corner for the opponent but saeed jumped and catches it and tells his players to run forward so he can kick into the opposition’s area which he does and it lands on his teammates feet who then rounds the keeper to score making it 2-1 the crowd go wild after seeing that amazing performance by the team. Saeed’s leadership gave his team the victory as he ran towards Rhea and kissed her then proceeds to hug Danelle and handshakes Tyson followed by the question “where’s dad”. 

Oscar comes over with a surprise on his face and says “hey guys what’s up I got a surprise to tell you your looking at the new owner of LAFC of course after we signed the papers for the whole takeover”. Everyone was shocked they didn’t know what to expect but saeed kept on telling himself what is he planning. 

The next day, 

It was school time and Saeed sees Kai talking to Rhea so he steps in and asks what does he think he’s doing but Kai laughs and walks off, Saeed asks Rhea “what was all that about”  she replies with nothing he just wanted to apologise to you but didn’t know how” then the bell rang so they both went to class. 

After one of Rheas friends/ cheerleaders came over and gave them an invite to her birthday party she also looked at Saeed and touch his hand with a little wink as she walked off. 

Party time, 

As they pulled up to the house it was crowded with people drinking and talking but it was just Saeed and Tyson, as they walked in saeed sees Rhea with Kai and he immediately gets angry but Tyson stops him and says don’t worry about her enjoy the party look at all that and Tyson gets a glance from a girl who comes over and takes him away from Saeed as they both laugh, but then he sees Kai leaning in to kiss Rhea but she pushed him away but by the time she pushed Kai away Saeed had already gone outside to get some fresh air. 

2 hours later has gone by as Saeed was sitting on the front porch staring at the stars with his hands in his pockets,Tyson came over drunk with the girl next to him he sat next to Saeed and started talking gibberish but he made one interesting point, he said never look at stars they always disappear but if you want the stars to stay catch it and never let it go as he fell onto Saeed’s lap, Saeed looked at the girl and said I’ll take him home and he put Tyson in the back seat of the car and drove he started to hallucinate about all the good things he did with Rhea and he started singing. 

The next day back at school, 

As Saeed entered school he sees Kai laughing with the other students with Rhea next to him, he walks past them when Kai intervenes and says “ Oy come to this party and bring your fastest car” and he starts to laugh and then walks off as he hands over the leaflet to him. 

Race day 

Saeed rolls up in Oscar’s modified Toyota supra GR 2020 plate alongside Tyson and his new girlfriend from the party, where he sees Rhea, he walks past her and towards Kai and says “let’s race” Kai laughs and replies with “hold your horses to face me you need to beat everyone in my crew can you handle that  you know what if i win against you I get that car and your girl” Saeed says “fine let’s race” 

The race starts as the music plays Saeed beats everyone and then it comes down to facing Kai in his Nissan GTR skyline , before the race starts Rhea came to Saeed’s car and said “you don’t have to do this I don’t want to lose you” Saeed looks at her and says “you’ve already lost me”. Then the race starts Saeed revs his engine and so does Kai as soon as the lady drops her flag they both speed off but Saeed is losing but he manages to get in front but Kai isn’t having that so he tries to ram Saeed off the road causing Saeed to nearly crash but he manages to regain control of the car and drifts past the corner and in front of Kai as Saeed speeds up he hits 185 mph, he manages to pass the line and win then comes Kai, 

Saeed jumps out of the car and sees everyone at the party cheering for him, then Kai jumps out and says “you’ve won but this isn’t over” Saeed looks and says “I’ll keep the car you can keep the girl” and walks away but before he does Kai throws a punch and then they start fighting but before it can end the police comes everyone runs except saeed who sees Rhea alone he runs and pulls her hand and thy both get into the car as Saeed is bleeding as he drives off. 

They both look at each other in silence not knowing what to say to each other, Rhea tries to patch Saeed’s face and make it stop bleeding, Rhea sees the pain inside Saeed’s eyes and she hugs him, they come to a stop in front of Rheas house and they kiss not knowing that the kiss will rekindle their love, after the kiss they put their heads together and Saeed started to say “ I will always love you even though we’re not together your still my best friend and that can never change”. Rhea smiled as she got out of the car Saeed sees her walk into the distance. 

Back at home, 

As Saeed arrives at home he sees a letter on the front porch it’s from Zara Saeed’s biological sister she wrote she wants to meet him and get to know him so he wrote back agreeing to meet. 

The day came when he finally met his biological sister he didn’t tell anyone until he found out the truth about everything. They met at a coffee shop near the football stadium, as he approached her he sees her beautiful face glowing from the sun light, they hug and they talk about everything about what Oscar did and how heartbreaking it was for his biological mother. She also told him about his family back in India, he wanted to go and see them but he knew if Oscar found out he would try and hurt someone he just didn’t know who. They finally finished the conversation and said their goodbyes and gave each other a hug. 

On the way back home as saeed drove home he knew he had a talk to someone but who. He arrived home and saw Danelle he knew what he had to do he asks her the big question “ who am I mum” she got nervous and told Saeed to seat down while she tells him, Saeed looked at her and said “so it’s true I have a family back home and you didn’t tell me” Saeed couldn’t believe it, Danelle then said it’s not like that I wanted to tell but your father wouldn’t let me and then I fell in love with you you were my baby boy I just wanted to hold you when I first saw you” before she could finish saeed interpreted by saying “first of all Oscar isn’t my dad my dad is back in India searching for me second of all Oscar’s is to blame for all of this” his face turned angry and he proceeded to say “ I’m going to kill him” and then he stormed upstairs and into his room. Angry and torned. 

A few days later, 

Everyone was getting ready for the school play and Saeed was happy to see his best friend Tyson star in the play (Romeo and Juliet). 

Tyson saw saeed and called him over, Tyson said he was nervous about the play but Saeed gave him a pep talk about self esteem and it it worked as Tyson wasn’t nervous anymore Saeed was with Rhea and they both went back to their seats to watch the play. 

The play started and Tyson was doing fantastic he was speaking like an real actor with confidence the play went on and by the end everyone stood up and applauded and cheered the cast bowed and the show came to an end. Saeed and Rhea congratulated Tyson. After saeed saw Kai in the distance and Rhea says to him to go end this rivalry once and for all and Saeed did just that, Kai and Saeed hashed it out  and Kai said “I’m there if you need me you know how strong I am” with a laugh. 

A couple of days later, 

Saeed was at training when he sees the head coach of the first team with Oscar approaching him, they come over to him and see him training really hard and the first team coach asks saeed if he would like to play in the first team next week, Saeed was surprised he didn’t think it would come so soon but he knew there was a hidden agenda but he didn’t know what, he just wanted to play football. 

After training he went home and told everyone the exciting news, they were all happy for him. He phoned Zara and told her everything about his debut match and she should come and she agreed to come. 

A week later, 

Match day (debut day), 

As Saeed entered the changing rooms he saw the players he will be playing with and they came over to introduce themselves to him, as they all lined up he could hear the  fans chanting LAFC. As he walked out onto the stadium he saw everyone he cared about like Rhea, Zara, Danelle and Tyson. 

The anthem started and the commentators introduced the starting Xl for both teams, the match started and Saeed didn’t have to do much in the first half but he made a huge save before halftime. The score remained 0-0 going into break saeed gave a team talk to the squad showing his leadership skills . The second half started with his team kicks off, and everything was going smoothly until one of his defenders slide tackled the opposing striker in the box, it was saeed against the opposition striker the striker shoots to the right hand side but Saeed majestic save from the air with his right hand gives them a corner. 

The game went on until it was a goal kick to saeed he kicked it so high it went over the whole of the opposition team and into the winger’s feet and then he scored the whole stadium goes electric, Saeed runs to his teammate and hugs him. The score ends 1-0 to LAFC. The whole stadium chants Saeed’s name he runs over to a little fan and gives his shirt to them he then looks up at the stands to see Rhea and Zara, then Carlos vela comes over to saeed and he congratulates him for an amazing performance and debut and then they handshake and vela leaves. 

Back at home, 

Now saeed had the evidence to stop Oscar for good he had to come up with a plan,  he confronts Oscar just as soon as Danelle walks in he grabs her and points a gun at Saeed telling him not to move as he shoved Danelle inside the car, Saeed called the police but they didn’t answer so he called Zara who is a new police officer for help. 

Saeed jumped into his Range Rover SVR and drove as fast as he could but he was with Rhea and Tyson, Saeed chased Oscar around the city until they came to an abandoned warehouse where they got out but by the time they came Oscar was nowhere to be seen, Zara followed Saeed said to her “give me a gun I’m going after them” but Zara replied with “ but it’s too dangerous I already lost you once I’m not losing you again” then Rhea stepped in front of Saeed and said “ I’m coming with you” then saeed looked at her and said “ get in the car and stay there I need to do this that woman raised me and I’m not about to let her go” Saeed then ran in with the gun but Oscar started shooting and then said saeed “wow dad you really hurt your own son” but Oscar didn’t say anything he just kept on shooting and then Saeed started shooting back until they came face to face but Oscar throw some punches Saeed ducked and then saw Danelle locked inside a cage and then he got angry and they started fighting until Oscar took one more shot and it hit Saeed’s arm Saeed fell to the floor. 

Back outside the warehouse, 

Rhea called Kai 10 minutes later Kai arrived and said “what’s happening” Zara replied with “we don’t know we just heard a scream it sounded like Danelle” then Kai said “ ok call your boss tell him to bring his officers” And Zara did just that and Kai went in and saw saeed on the floor bleeding from the arm he looked and said “ it’s ok here” and put a bandage around his arm and pick him up as they took shots at Oscar until the police arrived but by the time they came Oscar was in the floor bleeding from the leg and Saeed was standing next to him pointing a gun at him, the police arrested Oscar. 

Saeed limped over to the cage and broke the lock and fell on Danelle, a few hours later the ambulance came and patched Saeed’s arm properly and he looked over and went over to Oscar and said “ I hope you rot in prison after everything you put us through after you put your wife through remember there can only be one king and that’s me” . 

He called his biological parents and told them he will bring them to LA and they can meet Danelle and Rhea. And they moved in with saeed and Danelle at the mansion. 

Also Saeed became a first team regular in the starting lineup and their new number 1 keeper at just age 17. 

Danelle agreed to make the wedding venue a legit business and Kai and Saeed became friends. And Tyson became a movie star and stared in so many movies and tv shows. 

And LAFC was under new ownership by Danelle. 

Diwali night, 

It was Diwali and everyone was outside in the neighbourhood partying and throwing coloured powder everywhere while Saeed was seating there drinking orange juice when Rhea pulled him and they joined in and started dancing with the sound of music by the time the song ended saeed pulled Rhea to the side and kissed her. 

The end 


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